Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interview with Nokia Asha A-List winner: Daisie Jo

You will remember my previous Nokia Asha A-List post where I told you guys all about this amazing design initiative/competition by Nokia.  Fashionistas Daisie Jo & Ntuthuko Manqele are seeing their dreams become a reality with the help of Nokia, Craig Native, & of course the R50 000 prize money which will be used towards creating a 12 outfit collection.

Today I am giving you the opportunity to get to know Daisie Jo a little better. I put together a few questions for the 19 year-old from the Free State.

Tell the readers a bit about you; what you do; where you’re from etc.
I am a second year student at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design, in Stellenbosch. I was born and raised in a small town in the Free State, and am absolutely loving the Western Cape!

What made you decide to submit an entry into the Nokia Asha A-List competition?
I am a huge fan of Craig Natives’ revolutionary designs and I realized what a great opportunity being mentored by him would be.

Have you always had a passion for design?
I grew up in a small town where I was home-schooled for the majority of my school career and subsequently spent most of my time drawing. It became a real passion after I won my first “design” competition at 12 years old which earned me a two-page spread in a local teenage lifestyle magazine. I have always wanted to study fashion but I wasn’t sure which institution I wanted to go to so I did quite a bit of research and came across the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design in Stellenbosch. The academy was running a competition for a full-time scholarship and I won. I feel lucky because I am living out my dream.

What was the inspiration behind your entry? Is this a source you are often drawn to in terms of inspiration; or were you out of your comfort zone?
No, I don’t think I was out of my comfort zone and being the young designer that I am, I believe there is a big gap in the market for local street wear.  South Africa and my love for the country is definitely my main source of inspiration. Our cultures and the visual representation of that through a variety of colours speak to me. Growing up in Free State, near Lesotho, has influenced my designs greatly due to the mountainous landscape and vibrancy in the local markets. 

When you found out you were a winner, what were you doing, where were you?                                                                        
I was at home, in the Free State, for a semester break. I was really surprised and at the same time realized that this is a great opportunity for me.

Since being announced a winner, how has your life changed?  
I was flown to Durban, and had the privilege of being able to go to the Durban July, which was a blast! I have designed my range and presented it to Craig Native. I was extremely nervous even though it was such an amazing experience to meet Craig and be mentored by him. I admire his work ethic and it was very inspiring to work with him.

How would you describe the collection you have been working on?
It is my take on street wear which is inspired by South Africa and the way I interpret it.

 What has been the best & worst part about working towards getting your collection ready for the big showcase?
It’s been positive because I am doing what I love. I am still a student, so it’s really incredible being a part of the actual process and seeing how the industry actually works.

What has it been like working with Craig Native?
I do understand that he is a very busy professional and I appreciate the time, effort and care he has bestowed on us. I respect him tremendously and being able to learn from him is an experience I will never forget.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I do realize I am very blessed and have received incredible opportunities. I would like to contribute to the growth and success of the South African fashion industry. I think we have a lot going for us and I would like to see more people support the local industry which can lead to job creation and a better livelihood for so many people. Unfortunately, today the majority of consumers are buying fast fashion but we should be proud to wear locally made and designed products. The future? I am living for every moment and enjoying everyday to the fullest. Thank you very much Nokia and Craig Native for this amazing opportunity!

WOW!!! If that was not one of the most inspiring interview ever than I don’t know what is. Daisie jo certainly has a BIG bright future ahead of her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Le PJ Pant {OOTD}

Top (Mr Price) | Pants (Topshop) | Coat (Traffic Clothing) | Clutch (Blackcherry via Kalahari) | Heels (Steve Madden)

I found these extra special pants at Topshop about 2 months ago. Unfortunately the fit (construction of the pocket area) caused me to have to purchase 1 size up & then have them tailored to fit me. But I was desperate for them so it was worth it. I love the PJ vibe they give off. I like that. I love them. And I don't own anything else like them so that's a plus. I know this is an absolute OVERLOAD of images but I really had so many to choose from it just seemed fair to share as many as possible (hehe). 

I will be starting my travel period this weekend, heading off to New York. Again. That almost sounds a little bratty. How dare I?! I am excited. I think I will get this feeling for as long as I do what I do. I really do enjoy it. If you don't already follow me on Instagram, you better get following - that's where I will be keeping you updated on what I am doing & where I am going. It's @brettrobson for the record :) 

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Sharon + Kelly Osbourne x MAC Haul {Beauty}

My latest beauty video features a few of the goodies I purchased from the Sharon + Kelly Osbourne x MAC collections. I am no Osbourne family fan, but I am a MAC fan so these collections are always fun to try out. I hope you enjoy the video. if you purchased anything from these collections please do share your thoughts on them below. Love hearing from you all :)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SLIDERS: How to wear them. Where to shop them. What I think of them.

Fashion bloggers wearing the trend. Atlantic Pacific (left) & Sheryl from Walk In Wonderland (right). 

Today I thought I would open up the discussion on "sliders". I first came across these on a trending website I subscribe to at work. I simply couldn't understand how they could possibly believe this was actually going to be a trend. Well, shock & horror - this is very much a trend. And EVERYONE (except me & maybe you) is wearing it. Now let's just get the Birkenstock - slider thing out the way. "Sliders" have been modelled off the Birkenstock (which is actually a shoe brand). FYI Birkenstocks retail for around R1300 (for a basic pair) to R3700 (for a special pair) - I am no expert on the brand or style of sandal but I found these prices on Net-A-Porter.

Birkenstocks were once the shoe of choice for hippies. But what's changed. Why have these sandals become so darn popular? Was it the Guardian proclaiming 2013 "The Year of The Birkenstock", or perhaps its Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller we have to thank for raving about the Celine Spring 2013 fur-lined Birkenstocks. Ok well, she is The Man Repeller & her taste leaves much to be questioned so I guess that should have been expected, right? And if this was the shoe of 2013, why are we only seeing it now? Well, technically speaking, the trend is actually over & Vogue has named the clog as the shoe of Summer 2014. But that just means that all the early adopters of the trend are done wearing it. For the average person, & more so the average South African person (we see trends about a season or more after it's been seen in the USA or Europe) the trend is just getting started.

What's my verdict on the slider? I really really hate them. I contemplated getting a pair a few weeks ago because I know many of my readers would like to wear them, & more so would like to see how to wear them. But luckily I came to my senses & decided that me wearings something I truly don't believe in isn't what this blog is about, & simply isn't who I am. If you like the slider, then go for it. If you intend on doing lots of walking in them - don't purchase a cheap pair because your feet will suffer. I have seen a few comments from people who purchased cheaper pairs & said "they're cool as long as you don't walk in them for too long". And just because you won't be seeing them on my feet, doesn't mean I can't show you how you can wear them. I drew inspiration from a few of my favourite fashion bloggers for you to see how these sandals can be styled. And I checked out a few of my favourite retailers to show you where you can get a pair no matter your budget. So, I hope you have enjoyed this post. My opinion is exactly that "MY OPINION" & if you love your sliders then good for you! Let me know what you think of today's post in the comments section, & tell me if you own a pair :) xx

Known for wearing her comfy Birkenstocks is fashion blogger Sincerely Jules

1. Inwear at Truworths - R299 (here)
2. Country Road at Woolworths  - R549 (here)
3. Mr Price  - R69.99
4. Mr Price  - R79.99

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Cropped {Monochrome Monday OOTD}

Crop top (Topshop) |  Skirt (Mr Price) | Bag & Heels (Truworths) | Jewellery (a mix from my travels)

Happy Monochrome Monday to you all. First off, sorry I've been so quiet. Honestly, I've been "out of it" as in not feeling myself. I'm a big thinker & my mind has been running a million miles a minute of late. And to make matters worse, my busy travel period is approaching. And I might add that I haven't found an assistant yet so that too is adding to my troubles. I'm being positive though - the right person will come along & blow me away :)

And speaking about being "blown away" - the weather has been so awful in Durban. I was literally being blown away by the wind while trying to take these pictures. And we know  I do not have glamourous Beyonce "blowing hair" lol. Anyway, here's to a great week ahead. Thank you all for the constant support of this blog :) xx

**Let me know what you think of my henna art :)

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Printed Set & my favourite Coat {OOTD}

Coat (Truworths) | Clutch (Blackcherry via Kalahari) | Printed set (H&M) | Heels (Forever21) | Earrings (Lovisa)
Sunglasses (Chloe via Moscon Optics) | Other jewellery a mix from USA & China

I'm wearing the blue coat again! Yes guys I am quite obsessed with this beauty. You guys don't even see how I wear this to work all the time! And for a Durban girl who (if I'm being honest) owned maybe 2 coats prior to this winter; I am quite shocked at my behaviour!

I have so much love for all the pieces I am wearing in today's post, especially the printed shorts & top from H&M. I fell in love with this set when I saw it in Guangzhou. And well, China being China; & the Chinese being so small - I am often in the situation where all the small sizes are sold out (mine included - though I might add I am slightly bigger than the average in China). Anyway, long story short, I found this set in Shanghai a week later :) I must tell you though, I love me some H&M - but why they make most of their shorts so short I don't know. These shorts are actually 2 sizes bigger than my size. Instead of sitting on the waist they are on the hip, because I wasn't too keen on my butt showing - not that I don't have other short shorts (wink wink). Haha

I hope you all have enjoyed this post :) I am so happy I finally got to shoot a look I've had in my head for so long now.

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