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Friday, February 27, 2015

Iggy Azalea X Steve Madden

I am the hugest Iggy Azalea fan. And I am a big Steve Madden fan, so you know I am going crazy over this collaboration. Every time Steve (yes, we are on a first name basis) does a collaboration I get excited. What I love most about collaborations is that you are often getting a piece of more than one 'thing' you love, for the price of 1. Makes sense right? lol. I remember when The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden launched & it didn't come to South Africa. I was going crazy trying to find it when I was abroad, & eventually picked up a pair in Hong Kong. Then the Peace Love Shea x Steve Madden collaboration came around & I couldn't even find a pair in New York because they were sold out. But that's the POWER in these collaborations. Steve Madden is a HUGE brand on it's own. But by collaborating with some of our favourite people they are a force of nature together. I love that. And I especially love that it's affordable.

But back to my girl Iggy Azalea. I am crazy about almost every pair of shoes in the range. And although South Africa will only be receiving 3 of the styles in the collection (see the 3 styles pictured below), I think they chose the 3 best from the collection to send our way. I wish I could afford to buy all 3, but I am going to have to settle for 1 pair. I absolutely love the Tempo style. It's black & white which I will wear with everything of course. And it's got the beautiful jewels on the front. I am in love!

The collection will be in your nearest Steve Madden store this March, so you had better get excited!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Welcome to the STREET {MRP OOTD}

Sweat top + Skirt + Slip On Sneakers (MRP) | Sunglasses (Levis Eyewear)

This was not my plan. But the plan changed so many times that I am not sure I remember the plan anyway. All I know is that the plan was not this look. But planning is overrated right?

Nevertheless I am beyond happy with how this unintentional look post turned out. I purchased quite a few pieces from the MRP RT Street Ninja range; both online & in store. I loved the number print set especially, although I opted for the sweat top instead of the crop. Either way it’s super cute. I love the idea of a simple silhouette in a printed fabric. I know a bodycon skirt works for me so I always head in that direction when it comes to styling.

Jerome & I wandered about Durban city this past weekend. It was fun. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we got to catch up & explore & take pictures. I have to tell you guys how funny it was when we eventually started walking back to our cars & found traffic cops giving us parking fines. We both ran like our lives depended on it lol. Silly of us, but at least Jerome came out of it without a fine. As for me well I wasn't as lucky.

I am glad I got to share this look post with you guys in conjunction with MRP. 
Be sure to check out the RT Street Ninja range in store & online.

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sexy Legs & Pretty Pairings {OOTD}

Shirt + Skirt (Zara) | Heels (Steve Madden) | Clutch (Necessary Clothing)

Every now & then I like to play dress up. Every time I have worn this shirt I paired it with pants or jeans, but this time I opted for this super sexy skirt from Zara. I have been seeing such a lovely improvement in my legs  from all the hard work I put in at gym, so showing them off is now a must. Here they are tanned & obviously not my normal shade. Although I do really wish they looked this brown all year round.

I am still very busy at work, so 'yay me' for getting this post up :)
Enjoy, & let me know what you guys think. x

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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Monday, February 16, 2015

What you need to know before you cut your hair {My Hair Story}

This post has been long coming. I guess I needed to get to a point where I was 'ok' to write about my hair journey. If you have been following my blog for a while, you would have seen my progress through the years to where I am now. It has been a beautiful evolution.

While my blog started in 2010, I didn't post pictures of myself until 2012. My hair was how I had always kept it. I would blow dry & wear it down mostly. It doesn't really grow very nicely once it reaches a certain point, or at least it didn't. Then in 2013, I discovered the gorgeous Frontrow clip in extensions. I loved them so much & wanted to wear them everyday - so I did for the most part. In 2014, I changed up my extensions & tried out the Frontrow Ombre style, which I loved too. I know many people don't like that ombre - but I did. Towards the end of 2014 I started to feel a sense a boredom related to my hair. So, in October I cut it off. I started off with my hair slightly longer at the top, & shorter at the sides & back.

Shock & Horror - I have no hair left...
If I told you I freaked out when I had the initial hair cut, you would not believe how badly. I cried all day & night on that first day. I was literally hysterical. I would walk up & down to the mirror, stare, walk away, cry, repeat. You know how they say a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life? Well, let's just say I had plenty going on in my life at the time. It was indeed life changing.

Hair will grow back...
After the initial shock & horror, I figured hey - it's going to grow back eventually. And that was when I started to calm down about the situation, & begin to embrace my new look.  That being said, it's going to take a while to get to a comfortable length, & you need to keep that in mind. This is not something you get to try for a month or two & then it's over.

Choose the right style...
I am lucky enough to have an oval shaped face which takes to many hairstyles. So, the hair cut looked pretty good on me. However, I do suggest that you do a little research before you take the plunge. Also, I suggest keeping lots on pictures for your hair stylist so that he/she knows exactly what you want.

Bad hair days suck!
I used to be able to hide my hair on the bad days. I could put it up in a bun or ponytail. But now - that's it. My business is out there for the world to see. You need to ask yourself if you are ok with that.

This is High-Maintainence!!!
My mom keeps her hair short, so I know what is involved in the maintenance of it. However, it seems I would've been quite delusional at the time of my hair cut because I didn't think it would be that much maintenance. Silly right? Before this, I was able to do my own hair, on any day of the week, at any time of day or night. I had this routine where I would watch a tv show while I straighten & blow dried my hair late at night. But now, I have to go into the salon once a week to get a blow out. I also now have to get more frequent hair cuts because my hair grows out of shape very quickly. And shape is very important with a short hair cut. Oh & high maintenance means more money being spent on your hair. I rarely went to the hair salon so I have an added monthly expense now.

Things could change, in a bad way...
Since cutting my hair, I have been experiencing extremely bad dry scalp. It is seriously disgusting. I guess it's a combination of now doing Brazilian blow outs, & also my scalp being more exposed than ever. I have been using the Moroccan Oil Dry Scalp Treatment which has been helping me. It is almost finished now, so I am thinking I should try something different. Any suggestions?

Most guys prefer long hair.
This is no secret. We know this.  I actually don't know why. Is it just a coloured thing though, because I know many coloured guys who can't handle short hair. As for me, I think having short hair shows confidence. I had a conversation with a close friend about my short hair. In my opinion I was pretty hot before the hair cut. Then, I cut my hair off & guess what? Still hot. Some would argue that my hotness increased. As for me, I think it's the extra burst of confidence since exposing myself without any hair to hide behind. Some guys may pass me over because my hair is short. That's ok. I think there are plenty guys out there who will like your short hair. Besides, we don't cut our hair for men do we?! Although, if you are in a  relationship I think you should at least mention the topic to your partner to get his reaction. Just a little observation - when I travel to China I see more women with short hair than long hair.

This could be your best move yet!
After my initial cut when my hair was longer at the top, I decided to go further & cut off the top so that it was more like a pixie cut. With that cut, I also decided to start doing Brazilian blow outs. Previously I had relaxed my hair in order to keep it under control. This damaged my hair over the years. So, when my hair stylist suggested I try the Brazilian blow out instead, I was eager to try it because it is less harmful to my hair. Since making the change, I have seen a great change in my hair. I am even starting to see my natural curl come through again. It looks much healthier, & it's growing faster. One of the things I often laugh about with Jerome is that short hair blows in the wind a little more 'pretty'.  Before I would freak out when it was windy, but now I just go with it. Was this my best move? Absolutely! I think I will keep my hair short for quite a while. It really has become something I love. Although, I must admit my selfies will never be the same. lol

Here are a few of my favourite short hair moments. Enjoy :)

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yellow Culottes {OOTD} + Life Update

Top (H&M) | Culottes (Necessary Clothing) | Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear) | Mules (Call It Spring)

Hey guys, today I have this fun look for you! I really think culottes are a hot item, & if you don't own a pair I suggest you get one quick! Now while I am typically drawn to safe colours, lately there has been plenty colour in my life. This bold choice may not be for everyone, but I do think it looks great. And can we take a moment to appreciate that my make-up is "on fleek" today hehe.

I am so busy at the moment. I find myself sitting here at 11.30pm still replying emails. It's not that I have neglected them or been lazy, it's just that I haven't had much time. I have lots going on, & if I was completely honest with myself - I still want more. That's the problem right? Wanting more. Well, when you get more, there's a lot of admin that comes with it. I am starting my work travel in a few weeks. During this time, I hardly do anything blog related. It just becomes too much for me. I try to schedule in advance, but the reality is that the 2 weeks prior to travelling are even busier than the actual trip. 

I sat down with someone I haven't seen in a while today, & chatted about upcoming projects for me. When you trust someone's opinion, it always makes it worst when they give you that dreaded "wake-up-call".  Time has gone by so quick, & now I am almost scrabbling to find my feet. Don't get me wrong, some of my best work has been produced under pressure. But geez am I starting to feel the heat!

Who here can relate to what I am saying?

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day {Outfit Inspiration}

It's that time of year again, & I thought I would share a little outfit inspiration with you all. My style is very much to be a little dressy on special days, so if that's your style then you will love the Romantic Dinner Date outfit inspiration I share above. And if that is not your style, I do have a little casual inspiration for those of you having a low-key Valentine's Day. If you're off to a movie or lunch this is for you.

I'm curious, who is off to see the Fifty Shades movie on Valentine's Day? I am actually seeing it on the 12th February, & I am so excited. I know many people have their own opinions about the books & that, but I really did enjoy all 3 books & am looking forward to the movie.

If you want to win tickets to see the movie & a R500 voucher, check out the Blink Mints SA page - here.

I found this funny Valentine's meme. hehe

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