Wednesday, September 17, 2014

L'oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation {Review + Demo}

I started using the L’oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation when I received it in a media package from L’oreal. I had not been looking for a new foundation, but I am always keen to try new products so I did just that. To my surprise I fell in love with this product & it is now my holy grail foundation. I have already re-purchased it once, & will have to do so for a 3rd time very soon. I use the 250 Radiant Sand which suits my complexion perfectly.

Watch the video (here)  below to see my demo, & don't forget to read all the details in my review below :)

I apply this foundation using a beauty sponge which has been dampened with some water. I also like to mix in my Forever21 Beauty Luminiser, however for the purpose of the demo, I chose to just use the foundation. I find the application to be easy, & the product does dry fairly fast which I love. It really does go on smoothly.

Coverage is medium to full. To achieve full coverage, you will have to build the foundation. Having a good primer or base will make this easier. I have to also tell you that for me, at full coverage it did feel a little heavy on my skin. However, I am not used to wearing full coverage foundation so that may be why. The product does claim “no visible imperfections” which for me is quite accurate - but my skin (other than my dark circles & a few freckles) is fairly clear & smooth, just very uneven. If you have many imperfections on your face, then I am not sure how you will find this aspect of the foundation. I honestly do still use concealer on my dark circles, but other than that it does a great job. I love that the foundation gives me a dewy look, but for those of you with oily skin, you may want to use a powder in conjunction with it.

Colour Range:
As far as I am aware, this foundation doesn’t have a wide range of colours, so you may have to mix 2 colours to get the correct shade. From the shades I have seen, they are yellow-based for the most part. But yellow-based foundations can be used by many complexions. 

This foundation retails for approximately R209.95 (depends on where you’re purchasing from, so don’t quote me.). I think this is a great price for a foundation. The last foundation I purchased was on a trip to USA, & cost me $40. 

I really do love this foundation & would absolutely recommend it :)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"I Woke Up Like This" {Giveaway + OOTD}

"I woke up like this" Tee (The Hub) | Shorts & Bag (H&M) | Sunglasses (Levi's Eyewear) | Jacket (Cotton On) | Heels (Steve Madden)

I'm back with a new outfit, which means I have sorted my VPN issue here in China. If you're a keen follower, you will notice that this look was shot a few weeks ago by my LEGO Henry Holland nails. Unfortunately I am only getting to post this now because I have been crazy busy with work. It was New York & now China, & soon home - YAY!

Anyway, because it's taken so long to get it out, I thought I would make up for it with a giveaway for you guys. I have x4 "I woke up like this" Tees & x1 R500 voucher from The Hub to give away. Sound good? I think so.

I love this Tee - I wear it more than I should. And while I know that many people find the term "I woke up like this" to be vain.  For me it's got more to do with empowerment than it has to do with ones physical appearance. It's like saying "This is who I am am! Im here." We have so many more opportunities than those before us, & this statement represents that. You can be whoever, & whatever you want to be.

Enough rabbling - if you would like to enter the giveaway, please see below. I will choose 4 winners to win the Tees, & 1 winner to win the R500 voucher. There are 3 ways to enter, all listed below, & you can enter on all social media.

 Giveaway will run from Tuesday 16 September to Friday 19 September at midnight & is only available to South African residents.

How to enter:

1. Like the Fashion by Brett Robson page - click here
2. Post to the wall about how the statement "I Woke Up Like This" makes you feel. Please also comment with your size (XS/ S/ M/ L) & hashtag #iwokeuplikethiswithbrettrobson


1. Follow @brettrobson on twitter - click here
2. Tweet "#iwokeuplikethiswithbrettrobson @brettrobson - SIZE ..."


1. Follow @brettrobson & @the_hub_fashion on Instagram
2. Repost the picture above & tag @brettrobson
3. Comment "#iwokeuplikethiswithbrettrobson & @the_hub_fashion" & don't forget to mention your size.

Images: Jerome Stoffels Photography

Winners will be announced Monday 22 September at midday. Goodluck!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Floral Fun {OOTD}

Dress / Clutch / Heels (Truworths) | Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear) / Earrings (Zuri - old) 

It feels like its been years since I last posted. Yes I said years. My last outfit was posted in August - 2 weeks ago. And while I have worn many great outfits since then - I unfortunately don't get the opportunity to photograph these great outfits. Life has been hectic of late. And one would think that I would learn. I know when my busy work months are, but I still don't prepare well enough in terms of blog content. Although in my defence, right now I have x2 review videos waiting to be edited; x1 Get Ready With Me / Make-up tutorial also waiting to be edited; & x1 outfit post/giveaway that needs to be posted. Ok so when I look at it like that I actually do have some content for the next 2 weeks when I am in China - yes I am off again. Will I have time to edit all this? Yes that's the million dollar question.  

I hope you guys can understand that for me, while I love my blog - I have to prioritise my time, & often that means putting my work first. The RAG trade isn't always easy but I love it in ways I could never explain. 

Just a side note, I will try to get a post or 2 up while I am in China, but last time I have VPN issues which stopped me from posting. But let's be positive :)

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GIVEAWAY with Kapsule Online Boutique SA

Hey everyone1 Its been a week since I last posted & I am so glad to be back. But even more so because I have a giveaway for you in collaboration with Kapsule Online Boutique SA. Be sure to check them out for some fab finds :) And if you're interested in WINNING the R1000 voucher - keep reading ...

There are 2 ways to enter this giveaway: Facebook or Instagram

Here are the details:


1. Repost the above picture to your instagram
2. Tag 5 friends you think would like to enter
3. Tag both @kapsuleonlineboutiquesa & @brettrobson
4. Be sure to follow Kapsule Online Boutique SA


1. Like the Kapsule Online Boutique page - here
2. Post on the wall "I want to WIN with Kapsule & Fashion by Brett Robson"

So, you have 2 ways you can enter & each entry counts :) You have until  5 September, 6pm to enter so don't miss out on any steps or you won't qualify.

Goodluck! xx

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Floral Slip Dress from Truworths {OOTD}

Floral dress (Truworths) | Faux fur gillet (Metropolis Kloof St) | Bag (Blackcherry via Kalahari) | Heels (Steve Madden) | 
Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear)

Today I'm off to New York (again). As always I am looking forward to a successful work trip. It's so exciting being exposed to the world outside of South Africa, & I am extremely grateful. It's a quick trip, & I will be home on Sunday so not too long before you see me again.

I have a few exciting giveaways launching in September, so be sure to keep your eye on the blog ;)

I have been trying to think of something to do with my hair for summer. I need a change. The other day someone asked if I had extensions on, & while I have no issue letting people know I wear clip-ins, I do have an issue with it no longer looking natural & blending with my hair. I really love long hair, & my own hair is collar bone length (& not as thick as I would like) so the clip-ins have been such a blessing. But maybe I should crop it all off & go pixie (haha not). I am terrified that my head is not the short hair shape!!! Or maybe I should go back to black like Amy Winehouse. I always look good in black. And my brown hair is growing out awful. It's way too light at the roots. Anyway, if you guys have any suggestions I am oh so keen to hear them. I am also considering a lace front wig so I literally have every option available to me :)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Interview with Nokia Asha A-List Winner: Khanda

Craig Native + Khanda out sourcing for the collection

In my previous Nokia Asha A-List post where I told you guys all about this amazing design initiative/competition by Nokia.  Fashionistas Daisie Jo & Ntuthuko Manqele are seeing their dreams become a reality with the help of Nokia, Craig Native, & of course the R50 000 prize money which will be used towards creating a 12 outfit collection. I have already shared with you my interview with Daisie Jo (read the interview here), but today we get to know my fellow Durbanite Khanda better.

Tell the readers a bit about you; what you do; where you’re from etc.
I have a huge interest in art and especially art that aim to change society. The ability to create something original, to create a benchmark for quality, this is what I strive for. I believe that rules are meant to be broken and it is because of this unconventional approach that I believe that the world needs independent, free thinking, opinionated young people to change and shape it.

What made you decide to submit an entry into the Nokia Asha A-List competition?
I was driving down with my brother to Durban from JHB and while browsing on the net I saw that Nokia was running the A-list competition. What really caught my eye and attention were the images and colours used on the advert and I thought I had a good chance so I entered and here I am.

Have you always had a passion for design?
I’m a creative. I’ve always enjoyed creating and designing which led to me and a couple of other people starting our own brand here in Durban called Sophisticated Monkey Brand Co-op Limited.

What was the inspiration behind your entry? Is this a source you are often drawn to in terms of inspiration; or were you out of your comfort zone?
My inspiration came from the some of the themes that the competition had and this gave me a certain edge as I was feeling comfortable with most of them. I believed that I stood a good chance but I must admit that I never really thought that I’d go on to win the competition as some of the entries had really cool combinations.

When you found out you were a winner, what were you doing, where were you? 
I was away on holiday with my friends when I received the mail that I was in the top 8.                                                                    

Since being announced a winner, how has your life changed?  
It hasn't really sunk in as yet but I've been spending a lot of my time researching trends and what other people are doing, and how I can present my own thoughts into whatever is working at the present time.

How would you describe the collection you have been working on?
Futuristic, it’s really amazing…it’s a 2018 type of vibe.

 What has been the best & worst part about working towards getting your collection ready for the big showcase?
Every moment has been a great experience; I've gained so much knowledge and respect for the whole industry at large.

What has it been like working with Craig Native?
Craig has been a true professional from the day we were announced as winners. A great leader, advisor and role model who has a lot of patience. I’ve really been impressed with the way he has listened and being open to our ideas.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
My future plans are to have my clothing sold all around the world. I want the brand to be able to take me around the world and do collabos with famous industry celebs such as ASAP rocky and Theophilus London. Most importantly I want to be able to influence more kids into being original, believing in their dreams and living those dreams.

It has been so exciting & inspiring for me to do these posts.  The youth of South Africa have so many opportunities & it is inspiring to see these 2 young individuals truly taking advantage of what’s been put in front of them. Working with Craig Native is something many young designers can only dream about. But more so, learning from him & being open to knowledge is so important. Nokia has literally changed the lives of these 2 individuals, & I am sure we are going to be seeing plenty more from them.

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