Friday, November 28, 2014

#MadAboutMusic with Steve Madden {Festival Inspired OOTD}

Tropical crop top + Kaftan (Topshop) | Sandals (Steve Madden) | Sunglasses (Levi's Eyewear) | Bag (H&M) | Earrings (Legit) |
Faux septum ring (River Island) | Flash tattoos (Boho Marks via Sassychic)

Summer is here. And many of you have already attended a music festival or two or more this year, but it's still very much festival-season, so today I am bringing you a little inspiration should you decide to attend a music festival or attend a beach party this summer.

When I initially starting creating this look, I had one thing in mind: What would I wear to Coachella? Now, if you follow me on social media (you should & if you don't - details are below) you will know how I have the HUGEST FOMO every year during Coachella.  It is the ultimate music festival. I dream of one day attending - before I'm 30 lol. I have to. Bucket list.

This look completely embodies my inner Coachella-babe. It's fun & carefree but still a little sexy & edgy. I started with the sandals. Yes, they are AMAZING. And yes, these will be my go-to-flats this summer. This is the perfect sandal for me. I don't like sandals that go through the toes, & it has gold details. And it's black - I will be able to wear it with everything! And that is exactly why I chose them for today's festival inspired look. Once I had the perfect sandal, my next step was adding pieces like this gorgeous kaftan I picked up from Topshop in Soho NYC. I have honestly been DYING to wear this since I bought it, but haven't had the chance.  Now, I didn't want to wear a bikini under - even though swimwear is festival appropriate. I think that would've been boring of me. So I decided on my favourite denim cut-offs & a tropical printed crop top instead. Side note - tropical prints are big this summer in case you didn't know :) After the clothing & shoes were sorted, everything else pretty much fell into place. My Boho Marks were the perfect addition here, & the septum ring too, although my 3 year old niece is not a fan of it lol.

I feel really good about the content Jerome & I created here in this post. I feel inspired by simply looking at these images, & I hope you find it inspiring too. I hope I inspire your festival-style, whether it's today, tomorrow or a year from now, I believe this could be the look for you.

What do you think?

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cocktail Hour with MANGO {OOTD}

Today's post is a little different. I thought that with the holiday season fast approaching, it would be good to put together a post that not only inspires style, but also fun. And what's more fun than having sundowners at one of the best spots in Durban?

For those of you who either live in Durban, or are thinking of visiting, this is a post you will enjoy. The MOYO uShaka Pier Bar is one of the most captivating spots in our beautiful city. It is absolutely breathtaking to be sitting having a meal or a cocktail while the waves are crashing below you. My cocktail of choice when visiting the Moyo Pier Bar is a Strawberry Mojito, it is oh so refreshing. And when it comes to food I absolutely suggest the Ostrich mince nachos. YUMMY!

Now when it comes to the oh so important question "What do I wear?", Durban is the most chilled place ever - you could get away with just about anything. As Moyo Pier Bar is situated at the end of the uShaka pier, many people walk along that pier, coming from the beach & stop for a drink or two. Personally, when I decide to sip cocktails while enjoying friends company, I like to dress up a little (Which girl doesn't right?), especially if I plan on going somewhere after that. That's the nice thing about this spot, it's a fab meeting spot before a night out on the town.

Back to style.

When I put these looks together, I had in mind "The Ultimate Summer Look". And when I think on summer, I think of breezy fabrics & bright colours. This yellow dress from MANGO is a dream to wear. The colour is on trend for summer, & it is effortlessly chic. I especially love the crossover back detailing.  And most importantly it's the kind of dress I could wear to the office, & then go straight out to drinks or dinner with friends. Outfit 2 is more muted, but still makes a statement. I absolutely adore the cream colour cami with lace detailing (also from MANGO). It can be paired with just about any bottom, but in this case I chose a skirt with zip detailing to give the look a little edge.

Now, some exciting news. I will be hosting a #MANGOmystyle VIP Customer event at #MANGOGateway in Durban on 3 December 2014. I have a few tickets to give away so check out my Facebook page & my Instagram ( @brettrobson )  for more details on how you could WIN an invite to the event.

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

Outfit 1

Dress (MANGO) | Heels (Forever 21) | Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear) | Clutch (Blackcherry Bags)

Outfit 2

Lace detail cami (MANGO) | Skirt & heels (Forever 21) | Earrings (Lovisa) | Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

White on White {OOTD}

Top + Faux Fur bag + Triangle midi ring (River Island) |  Skirt (H&M) | Heels + Clear cuff + Earrings (Lalla x Legit) 

By the time you are reading this, I will be in China. But luckily for me there are "schedule" options. I'm going to keep it short & sweet today (If you knew about the past few days I've had then you'd forgive me).

 I am in love with most of the pieces in today's look, & am so glad I get to share a look I love so much with all of you. This is me. This is how I love to dress. And I think I am enjoying this hair. This is the 2nd look post with short hair, & for someone who honestly wasn't sure about - I love it now!

Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think :) xx

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boho Maxi {OOTD}

Dress (Forever21) | Tan clutch & Sandals (Blackcherry) | Sunglasses (Michael Kors) | Earrings (Legit)

This time of year, most of you are winding down & getting into holiday mode. It is November already right? Well, some of us (I'm really talking about myself here) are getting busier as the days pass. Next Monday I leave for China, & if I told you everything I and to do by then - you would want to cry for me. I do love the pressure of having to get things done, & yes I do thrive under these circumstances. However, even so I often think of simpler times. But as nostalgic as I may get, the reality is that I will never know such times again. I am simply not that person anymore. And the things I want in life don't allow that either. The career goals I have don't allow me to put in 9-5 hours - I work all the time. I am now the person who would rather spend an hour getting work done than going out for a lunch with someone I don't actually like, or doing something I feel "iffy" about. I spend my time with people & on things that I feel passionate about. I want to be constantly learning & growing. I don't think that's a bad thing. And I believe it's important that we all have our own priorities - no matter what they might be. My priority is me, my career, my goals, & this blog. I'm 25 now, & I'm so glad that I realised it a while ago already. It has helped mould me into the human being I am. I am so grateful for that.

I know I'm rabbling on; reality is that's it's 1am & I'm about to pass out. So, I will probably post something before I leave for China, but know that if I'm quiet for the next few weeks - I'm working my tush off :) Although you can always find me on instagram @brettrobson - Im never quiet there :) Until next time! xx

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Travel Bag | In-Flight Essential {Video}

This has been a highly requested video & thankfully I have finally had a chance to edit it. As you can tell by the hair, this was shot a while back (in September to be more accurate). I filmed this while in China on business & thought it would be nice for you to see me in my "travel-mode".

I hope you guys enjoy this video. I do hope to post much more content on the subject of travel, so let me know what your requests are :)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Because Black & White Never Fails {OOTD}

Shorts (Lalla X Legit) | Top (Charlotte Russe) | Hat + Booties (Forever21 - old) | Bag (H&M old)

First off, yes this is the last look I will be posting with my now old hair. I feel happy & sad about it. Happy because I finally took the plunge & did something drastic. And sad because I really did love this look on myself. So get ready, because any outfit posts coming your way will be with the shorter hair :)

Now on to today's look. Ideally I would have loved to post this on Monochrome Monday, but then realistically speaking - monochrome black & white is great on any day, is it not? Black & white will never fail you. Whether your aim is to look like Victoria Beckham or to look like a Dalmatian - I have no idea. But what I am sure of is that this colour combo has produced some of my best looks.  You could choose to wear your monochrome look in a print, or to colour-block; but the options are endless. Personally, I don't tend to mix prints too often, but I liked the contrast of the bold stripe on the shorts, compared to the chic animal print on the booties. I think I've managed to pull it together quite tastefully. What do you think?

Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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